Thursday, October 2, 2014

Weeks# 5/6 - Friendship & Midterm Preview

Midterm Preview

  • Part#1 - (solo or with  partner)
    Prepare a topic for an in-class discussion.  This should including some interesting materials related to the topic and discussion questions.  These will eventually be posted on your blog.
    List of brainstormed topics here (but feel free to choose something else)
  • Part#2 (solo or with your Part#1 partner)
    A Google+ Hangout with Jeff. First, we will discuss your non-linear life timeline, Entrance Survey responses, blog posts, and anything else you'd like to discuss with me.  Then we will talk about your in-class discussion and how to turn it into an interesting class activity.
    Google+ Hangout Guide here
To Do:
- Bring your life timeline to our next class
- Make sure you have registered for a Quizlet Account (you can sign in with Gmail if you like) and joined the ENG318 Quizlet Class.
- Install the Hangout app on your phone and/or computer

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