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ENG318 Talk Shows
Please join the students of ENG318 at Busan University of Foreign Studies as they talk to each other and the world.   Below is our tentative schedule and list of topics, along with the chat room where everyone is welcome to share comments and questions during the live webcasts.  Segments from previous semesters: ENG317    Part#2   Part3  Advice?
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Saturday, Dec. 6  Recording Here

Who am I? American or Korean?
Dongyun & Sohee
Blog PostsWho am I? American or Korean?
Who is American?

Monday, Dec. 8, Recording Here
Misconceptions about Koreans
이은혜   South Korea(n), misconceptions and truths
김연송  Appearance is important to you ?
조해밀  Lookism 

Same Sex Marriage홍해준
 What do you think of same sex marriage?
Jake Park:
Wanho Jin:

Stereotypes about Gays
정연규 - Q  What is Gay?  Life with Love

Korean Education Problems
Ahhyun & Hyojung  Korean Education problems

Job/Company/Future (Find your happiness)
친동민 - Neil   Find Your Happiness.
정인숙 - Brenna
 what job would you like to have in your dream?

K League Boosting
Haechang Lee  K-league boosting.
Tues, Dec. 9, 8~10 pm Recording Here

Homeschooling/Ed Alternatives
Eunji & Jeonghyeon
Why would anyone homeschool?
What is your dream?

Public Behavior
박성지 & 윤창한
Public Behavior
Behavior in public area

Safety Issues
주관택 & 서한솔 
Safety frigidity

Wed, Dec. 10, 8~10 pm Recording Here

Abandoned Pets
고한솔  & 천혜인
About Abandoned Dogs and Cats
Abandoned dog&cat

Racism박귄제 & 이설

Shutdown System
The shut-down system - The final spectacular Topic

Gender Identity
HyunHo & Jun
Final Spectacular :) - Gender Identity

Job/Future Plans

Seohyun & Dayeon
Topic for Online Talk Show!! < Job and Career >

정재우 , 오신형 , & 손개 

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