by September 10
Next Week (Two Hour Class)   Bring in at least 5 photos of things that are important to you. These can be people, places, experiences, possessions or anything else you value. Photos can be printed or shown on a digital device, but can not be stored on a USB drive with no display.

  • Install the Band App - Android Apple
    Join Your Class Band
    ENG318-03 Access Code: 6460 USED
    ENG318-04 Access Code: 1582 COLTON
  • Create an English Blog: (you can be anonymous if you want)
    Blogger: To do so, go to , log in with your gmail address and click 'create blog'. More information at the Blogger Guide
    When you've created your blog, email the URL of your blog to Jeff ( or post it in the Band.

Please adjust your blog settings to English. You might also want to change your blog's timezone.

New Assignment  (Due Sept. 28)
Create a blog post. This can be an introduction, a travel story, commentary on a topic of interest or anything else you would like to post. Try to be authentically you, but professional.
   Excellent example from Grace.
Midterm Assignments
  • Part#1 - (solo or with  a partner) 5 points, due Oct. 19
    Prepare a topic for an in-class discussion and post it on your blog. This should including some interesting materials related to the topic and discussion questions. If materials are in Korean, you’ll need to provide a translation or summary in English. There is a list of brainstormed topics here , but feel free to choose something else. Please do not copy and paste long articles. You can quote a sentence or two, but link to the full article.
  • Part#2 (solo) 10 points, occurring Oct. 20~23
    Google+ Hangout with Jeff. We will sign up for time slots in class. During the Hangout, we will first talk about your non-linear life timeline, entrance survey responses, blog posts, and anything else you'd like to discuss. Then we will talk about your in-class discussion topic and how to turn it into an interesting class activity.
    Make sure to find a spot that has strong enough wifi and is quiet without personal distractions. Please use a headset or ear buds if possible. When it’s time to start, I will contact you via the Hangout app.
    Google+ Hangout Guide here

  • Part#3 - 5 points, due Oct. 24 A Quizlet Workout (vocabulary practice)
    Make sure you have registered for a Quizlet Account (you can sign in with Gmail if you like) and joined the ENG318 Quizlet Class.   Quizlets: ENG318-3  ENG318-4
     On a computer, complete each of the following tasks:
    FlashcardsLearnSpellerTest, and attempt to achieve a Scatter score of 20 seconds or less. Please make sure I can recognize your Quizlet username. You can edit that at: ‘change your username’.

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