Advanced Practical English Conversation
Fall 2014
Instructor: Jeff Lebow Office: D571  Office Hours: Tuesdays 5~6pm, Fridays 4pm~6pm or by appointment
Email: pufslebow@gmail.com     Course Website >>>  eng318.blogspot.kr qrcode.24385557.png

I. Description:
This aim of this course is to help students develop their ability to participate in meaningful English conversations and express themselves clearly in English. We will focus on developing communicative strategies, functional vocabulary, presentation abilities, and pronunciation skills. Students will actively engage with each other and with the instructor in an effort to improve their speaking skills in a variety of environments and contexts.

II. Course textbook/resources
There is no textbook for this course. Materials will be posted or linked to on the course website.  Sometimes handouts will be provided.  Other times, students will need to print out materials before class.  We will make use of technology (a group blog, collaborative documents, mobile group chats, etc.) to enhance the learning and social experience.   We will use a Google Document for our Group Notes and Quizlet Flashcards for studying purposes and Google+ Hangouts for virtual office hours and special class activities.

III. Instruction Methods:
Each week, we will focus on one or two discussion topics. The topic will be introduced (online and off) using handouts, videos, and/or other supplemental materials. Students will discuss topics in small groups, with partners, and/or as a whole group. Topics include issues from daily life, society, technology, and lifestyle. Students will have input into deciding which topics are discussed and in which order.  The goal is to choose topics that are interesting and relevant to students’ lives and then improve their ability to express themselves in those conversations.
IV. Grading
Students will be assessed according to the following criteria
40% Attendance & Participation
20% Assignments
20% Mid-Term
20% Final Exam
Grades will be distributed based on the required university quotas:  25% A’s, 45% B’s,  30% C’s
(see the Week#1 presentation for more details about how grades are determined)

Instructor Notes
Please make every effort to arrive on time. Those arriving more than five minutes late will be marked tardy. Those more than 20 minutes late will be marked absent for that hour.
* Students who start ‘packing up’ before class has been dismissed will also be marked tardy!
If you are absent…
 a)  please check the course website for information about any assignments you are still expected to complete
 b) send an email to puflebow@gmail explaining your absence (if you think it should be excused)
Please turn cell phones off unless they are being used as part of a class activity.

Please do not hesitate to speak with me (in person or via email) whenever you have questions or concerns about class.  

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