Thursday, September 18, 2014

Week#3 - Planning for Discussion Streams

  • Have fun speaking English
  • Improve your language skills in general
  • Practice likely usages of English (professionally and otherwise)
  • Help you pursue your desired path (career related or otherwise)

Based on input from your entrance surveys, most topics of interest fall into these categories...
Discussion  Streams

  • Health, Nutrition, Exercise 
  • Media - TV, Movies, Music Books 
  • Sports & Recreation 
  • Social - Love, Dating, Friendship 
  • Current Events - News, Social/political issues 
  • Beauty, Appearance, Fashion


21st Century Skills
Confidence = Competence + Experience

To achieve the course goals, we will do…
  • In class discussions - fun, friendly, relaxed practice opportunities
  • Virtual Hangouts:  value in recordings: post-discussion analysis, presentation style
  • Hangouts on Air: same as above + interact with a real audience
  • Individual blogs - post materials and reflections related to topics of interest + build your online reputation

Possible Ongoing discussions/shows
  • Fan Shows (BBT Club, Harry Potter, Sherlock)
  • Kpop This Week
  • International News Weekly
  • Sports Update
  • Dear 선배
  • Debate Club (e.g. should the grade quota system be banned, should cigarette taxes be raised)
  • NBA News

  • Install the Band App - Android Apple
    Join Your Class Band
    ENG318-03 Access Code:    6460    USED
    Access Code:    1582   COLTON
  • Create an English Blog:  (you can be anonymous if you want)
    Blogger: To do so, go to , log in with your gmail address and click 'create blog'. More information at the Blogger Guide

    When you've created your blog, email the URL of your blog to Jeff ( or post it in the Band.

    Please adjust your blog settings to English.  You might also want to change your blog's timezone.

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